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“Laura is an excellent tutor and incredibly reliable. She helped my daughter with her GCSE Maths. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

— Michelle D, 2019

"My daughter has had a few years now of great experience with tutoring for science and maths. During year 6 she surpassed her expected grades. Best of all lessons have been ‘fun’ and therefore engaging.

Tutoring has also helped during the covid pandemic to relieve stress and boredom.

Highly recommended.

Thank you!"

— Sue P, 2020

We started using Cambridge Online Tuition in the middle of the 1st lockdown as a way to support our children when school wasn't an option. Madhi has been tutoring my year 8 son for around 3 months in maths and science. We have really noticed a big difference in not only his test scores but also the feedback from his teachers at school is that his confidence is growing each week!

Madhi works alongside us to make sure that he is getting the support he needs and the lessons are always engaging and well thought out.

I am so glad we found this service as it really has made a difference in the time of global uncertainty.

Steph W, 2020

“We can't recommend Laura enough! She has been tutoring my son Finley for about a year. He was really struggling in Maths and Science due to the high numbers in his class and lack of individual time. He is now feeling more confident and already achieving a C grade at GCSE level on his end of year 9 mocks with two whole academic years to go before the real thing.”

— Emily H, 2019

"Just to let you know that Olivia did really well in her maths mock exam and really excelled in her group. She’s been asked if she’d like to move up to top set!! She’s absolutely delighted with her result, as are we and are in no doubt that this is down to the tutoring she has been having with David and Georgie. Thank you so much x"

— Fiona S, 2020

“In just a few months Laura really helped my son with his preparation for the Biology and Chemistry GCSEs. He went from a grade 4/5 in his mock exams to a 7 in his practice papers just before the exams started and went into -and came out of - his exams feeling calm and confident! Laura makes the topics really interesting and used several techniques to help Jack learn and remember the material. Most importantly, Jack actually looked forward to his session with Laura... even the early morning ones! I would highly recommend.

— Helen G, 2019

Cambridge Online Tuition
Cambridge Online Tuition
Cambridge Online Tuition
Cambridge Online Tuition
Cambridge Online Tuition

“My son has been receiving online tuition since January to help him with his A Level Maths and Physics. He has really enjoyed working with his tutor who has been excellent throughout the whole COVid period. The tutoring wall well targeted and my son was able to highlight areas where he felt he had specific difficulties and these we addressed. The service was very reliable and responsive in case of query. I recommend them without hesitation.

- Sue, B 2021.

"Laura worked with Sam helping him achieve a 6/6 in his GCSE this year.  He was originally predicted a 5/4 with Biology being his weaker subject.  He is delighted.  Thank you Laura.

Becky, H 2019.


Laura is a fantastic tutor. She has really helped my (year7) daughter’s confidence grow over the past 6 months. She has greatly benefitted from the 1:1 sessions, filling in the gaps in her knowledge from things she missed in class. Laura also did some SATS revision sessions with my son which were invaluable - he did really well. Thank you!

Lucy, W 2019


Helped my 16yr old enormously, she has an excellent manner and changed is whole demeanour for revision. Awaiting the results but I can guarantee he will of accomplished far more with Laura.

Gareth, P 2019.

"Oli has been a fantastic tutor for my daughter. He has really helped build her confidence and has a great way of engaging and helping to support her - - thank you Oli!"

- Louise, H 2021.