KS1, KS2, SATs/11+ prep and KS3 Specialist

Mrs Marie Shortland is a qualified teacher who specialises in primary school and special educational needs tutoring, including Year 2 and Year 6 SATs prep and the 11+/13+ common entrance exams. She also tutors key stage 3 maths, English and science. 


  • Post Graduate Diploma Education of the Hearing Impaired – Distinction, University of Hertfordshire

  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education – primary age range specialism, University of Hertfordshire

  • BSc Psychology (Zoology subsidiary) – 2.i with honours, University of Hull

  • A Level equivalent – BTEC Level 3 Medical Laboratory Sciences (Distinction), Paddington College

  • 26 years teaching experience across KS1 to KS3 – both private and state schools, including working as a Teacher of the Deaf for 2 years

  • Trained 1-to-1 tutor – three years face to face 1-to-1 tutoring at KS3

  • 11 years private tutoring experience – including 4 years online tutoring

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate 2021

  • Safeguarding and e-learning trained

  • Specialism: KS1 and KS2 English, maths and science; SATs/common entrance exam prep


Having been a dedicated, highly successful teacher in primary schools for 23 years across all year groups and in a wide variety of roles, including curriculum management and leadership, Marie brings a wealth of experience, expertise and skill to all aspects of her tutoring. She assesses students’ needs continuously, plans tailored tutoring programmes for each unique student and delivers interactive, motivating and engaging lessons. She fills ‘gaps’ in both learning and understanding quickly, building a solid foundation, enabling students to move forward confidently with a deeper understanding. Having taught the full current school curriculum, she uses the same strategies children use in school every day, maximising learning. Marie is brilliant at explaining difficult concepts clearly using pictures, video and real life examples. Marie has many years experience preparing children for Statutory Assessments Tests for English, science and maths at ages 7, 11 and 13. She also has some experience preparing children for Common Entrance Tests. Her depth and breadth of experience with Standard Assessment Tests over many years, can be easily applied to Common Entrance since they are very similar in the subject matter and concepts covered, as well as in the way in which they are assessed.

KS1, KS2 and SATs/11+ prep specialist 

Mrs Heather Barrett specialises in primary school tutoring, including year 2 and year 6 SATs. She tutors English, Maths and Science for KS1& 2. She holds the following qualifications:


  • PGCE Primary Education: University of Chichester (2010-2011)

  • Degree: BA (HONS) Education 2:1: Roehampton University (2005-2008)

  • Valid Enhanced DBS Certificate (2022)

  • Specialism: English and Maths Primary level


Heather qualified as a Primary Teacher in 2011 and worked in mainstream Primary schools across Portsmouth and Hampshire before moving into the alternative sector in 2017 and being wholly inspired by the personalisation and care for students’ interests and well-being. She spent 4 years teaching at a small school in the middle of a forest that used Montessori/Waldorf/Reggio Emilia styles for academics with a professional freedom to adapt lessons to students’ interests. She joined Meon River Learning Community in 2020 to begin a journey of personal self enquiry and reflection. Here she was a lead facilitator for a new alternative style education project for children aged 4-12 years. She offered and facilitated sessions in all academic subjects as well as many enrichment activities such as music, arts & crafts, STEM, art, movement and games, entrepreneurship. 


As a tutor, Heather takes into account what the student enjoys doing in their free time and sometimes uses these interests to theme the learning, if this is appealing. She uses a mix of different resources and approaches to keep the student engaged for example conversation, video, PowerPoint, photos, music, interactive games, or sometimes the learning just calls for the old pencil and paper. She understands that to learn means to bravely step outside the zone of comfort. Therefore it is essential to build a connection with the student that allows them to feel able to express how they feel in the realm of learning and during their learning journey and feel successful in her tutoring sessions. Having a love for lifelong learning is the reason why Heather is currently studying for a Level 5 TEFL qualification and is also a Beach School qualification to promote blended learning in different environments.

GCSE specialist

Mrs Ruth Campbell is a qualified secondary school teacher teaching science in school at KS3 and KS4, and an experienced tutor specialising in maths and science to GCSE level. She holds the following qualifications:


  • PGCE: Secondary Mathematics -University of Leicester (2018)

  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (1995)

  • Degree: B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering (1988)

  • A levels: Maths, Physics and Chemistry

  • O levels: 8 grade A’s including maths, English, physics, chemistry and biology

  • Valid Enhanced DBS (2021)

Ruth has tutored in many subjects privately since school, and more recently has done a maths PGCE. She now teaches science and maths in a small school, while also tutoring privately in maths and science. She appreciates and teaches visual methods of understanding maths, while recognising that everyone is different and students may have different preferences. She tries to work flexibly with the student, finding out how they understand things and starting from that understanding, rather than insisting on a particular method or wording. She encourages questions and follows where students’ interests and questions lead.  Science and maths are big subjects and Ruth learns from her students as well as teaching them, so they are co-explorers of the world.

Since Covid, Ruth has found that students have many small misconceptions and gaps that need to be uncovered and corrected, and that they have missed out on talking about the science they have been taught. So Ruth likes students to explain their understanding, and talk her through their working.

For all students, Ruth focuses them on showing their working clearly when solving problems, so that other people can follow their reasoning. This helps the student keep track of their own process, reduces mistakes, and enables the student to check their working more easily.

At GCSE level Ruth encourages plenty of practice of exam questions, to get used to their wording and learn what sort of answers will get you good marks.

GCSE and A-level specialist

Miss Rebecca Coombs is a qualified secondary school science teacher, currently teaching science to KS3 and KS4. Tutors in maths and Science up to GCSE as well as A-level Biology. She holds the following qualifications: 


  • PGCE in Secondary Science – University of Bedfordshire

  • Degree: Adult Nursing Studies – University of Surrey

  • A-levels: Mathematics (A) Biology (B) History (C) AS level – Chemistry (B)

  • GCSEs: Mathematics (A*), Science (A), Additional Science (A), English language(A*), English Literature (A), History (A), Art (A), Drama (A), French (C)

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths and science


Prior to teacher training Rebecca worked as a learning support mentor and cover supervisor. This included teaching students 1:1 and in a class setting. With her background in nursing, she is a specialist in biology able to tutor students in this up to A-level. Rebecca has a cheerful and supportive approach to learning and tries to make learning interactive wherever possible, encouraging questions, discussion, and experiments.

11+/SATS/KS2-KS5 Specialist

Will Turner tutors all levels up to and including A-level Maths and GCSE English and holds the following qualifications:


  • Degrees: 


                   MSC - Artificial Intelligence University of Bath (Present)                

                    MA - Music for Film and Television - National Film and Television School

                 BA - Fine Art - Leeds University

  • A Levels: Maths (A) Music (B) Fine Art (A*)

  • AS Levels: Further Maths (A)

  • GCSEs: 13 including Maths, English and triple Science (all A* - A)

  • Valid enhanced DBS Certificate (2022)

  • Specialism: Mathematics & English

Tutor Headshot V2.jpg

Will is an experienced, Maths, English and 11+ tutor with a love for teaching. Having gained two years experience helping students in Maths & English at all levels from young learners through to pre-university A-Level students. Will is comfortable working with all ability levels and ages, and always taking enjoyment from seeing students grow!

KS3-KS5 Specialist

Ms Laura Hoggard is a qualified secondary school teacher specialising in English literature and language at KS3 through to KS5. She holds the following qualifications:


  • Degrees: 

           Advanced PGDip Ed with a literary specialism

           B.A. Hons. English

  • Valid enhanced DBS Certificate (2022)

  • Specialism: English Literature and language


Laura is a secondary English teacher with over a decade's experience. 

Having started teaching English as a foreign language, since 2014 she has specialised in delivering English literature and language across key stages 3, 4 and 5. In her most recent role, she coordinated and oversaw key stage 4 English, and so feels ready to particularly help children going through their GCSE years. Laura is also experienced in tutoring A level English literature, the combined English A level and AS level Religious Studies. She loves literature and helping anyone to enjoy and feel more confident with their reading and writing. Looking forward to working together.

KS3-KS5 Specialist

Ms Catherine Chappell is a qualified secondary school teacher specialising in science at  KS3 & KS4. She holds the following qualifications:


  • Degrees: 

           Advanced PGDip Ed with a literary specialism

           B.A. Hons. English

  • Valid enhanced DBS Certificate (2022)

  • Specialism: Science

Image (1).jpeg

Catherine Chappell is a qualified teacher with over twenty years experience. With an honours degree in Cell and Molecular Sciences and a Masters degree in Science, she has a strong science background, which, combined with her teaching experience, make her an effective tutor. During her teaching career, in addition to teaching both the separate and combined sciences to GCSE, she has taught maths to GCSE, as well as art, design technology and ICT. 

Teaching a broad range of subjects has allowed her to develop a wide variety of teaching techniques and she really enjoys working with students using strategies that best match an individual’s learning needs. Confidence is the key to success, and Catherine is keen to ensure that students finish each session feeling more secure in their subject knowledge and understanding.

GCSE and A-level specialist

Miss Shamaila Hussain tutors up to A-level maths and science (biology, chemistry and physics), and up to GCSE English. She holds the following qualifications/certificates:


  • Degree: BSc (Hons) Computer science - University of Brighton (2020)

  • A-levels: Biology (A), Chemistry (A*) and Maths (A*), Physics (A), further maths (B) 

  • GCSEs: 9As and 1 A*

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths and science


Shamaila studied biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and further mathematics at A level. She has been tutoring each of these subjects up to A-level standard for 6 years and is also capable of tutoring computer science/programming (up to degree level). Shamaila is very good at communicating with children of all ages and presenting information at the appropriate level. She builds up from foundations, is patient and methodical in her approach. Although Shamaila is highly academic in the core subjects, she has an amazing ability to communicate with secondary school students by keying into watch engages them in real-life and using this to help them with their maths and English skills. 

GCSE and A-level specialist

Ms. GeorgieRobertson tutors up to A-level Maths and Chemistry and up to GCSE maths and science. She holds the following qualifications/certificates:


  • Degree: 2.i Msc in Material Sciences - University of Cambridge

  • A-levels: Chemistry (A*) and Maths (A*), Physics (A*), Philosophy (A).

  • GCSEs: A* in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Religious Studies, Design & Technology, French, English Literature, Latin. A in English Language and Additional Maths. 

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics


Georgie enjoys helping her students discover a passion for their scientific and mathematical studies, she has been tutoring privately over the last couple of years. With modules in chemistry, maths and physics in her undergraduate degree, she has a practical and interdisciplinary approach to making sure the curriculum is well understood.  She is currently tutoring alongside studying for a PhD in Materials Science at Cambridge University. 

GCSE and A-level specialist

Ms Van der Merwe tutors up to AS-level Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

She holds the following qualifications/certificates:


  • Degree: BSc in Mathematics and Biochemistry - University of Cape Town (present)

  • AS levels: Mathematics (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), English Language and Literature (A*)

  • IGCSEs: 8 A*s (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, English Language, English Literature, Afrikaans as a Second Language)

  • Enhanced DBS certificate (Pending)

  • Specialism: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Anja maintains that the key to succeeding in STEM subjects is to understand the reasoning and thought processes behind the steps that you have to take to get the correct answer; in this way students can be certain that they will be able to understand and, more importantly, answer the questions that Cambridge will conjure up for their final examinations. Anja also employs empathy and patience when it comes to her tutoring, seeing as each student’s circumstances are different and as such each student should be tutored in such a way that suits their specific needs. Tutoring is more than just conveying understanding - as a tutor Anja also offers her emotional support to students to help them establish the confidence that will allow them to achieve the results they are striving for.

GCSE and A-level specialist

Ms Yasmin Vince tutors up to GCSE English, Maths and Science. She holds the following qualifications:

  • Degree: Politics and International relations - (Present)

  • A-levels: English Language & Literature (A*), Politics (A*) and History (A)

  • GCSEs: 11 GCSEs, all grades 8-9, including 9s in Maths, English Literature and Chemistry and 8s in English Language, Biology and Physics.

  • Valid Enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: English


Yasmin loves learning and helping others to learn. She understands the importance of making learning enjoyable and uses various techniques to install this in her tutoring sessions. Having experience as both a tutee and a tutor of family and friends, Yasmin is in the best position to tailor her tutoring to the student and ensure the session caters to their academic needs and best method of learning. After completing her A-levels at Hills Road Sixth Form College, Yasmin has begun studying Politics & International Relations at university. Yasmin explains all concepts clearly to the students so they can understand why you may choose a particular method for answering an exam-style question. 

GCSE and A-level specialist

Mr James Tunnicliffe-Wilson tutors up to A level maths and physics and GCSE chemistry and biology. He holds the following qualifications:

  • Degree: Economics (Cambridge University - Present)

  • A-levels: Maths (A*), further maths (A*), physics (A*) and history (A*)

  • GCSEs: 7 9s at GCSE including core sciences + maths. 8s in computer science and astronomy, with 13 GCSEs at level 7 and above. 

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths & physics

James TW.png

James has a strong academic background, studying maths, further maths, physics and history A levels at Hills Road sixth form college. He also has experience tutoring family and close friends for their GCSEs. James uses his personal experience with the new GCSE and A level specifications to tutor in maths and science. He uses his understanding of, and passion for, these subjects to build a bedrock of core concepts which can then be expanded on to stretch tutees and help them move forward with their learning. He is planning to carry on tutoring while studying  economics at Cambridge university in September 2021.

GCSE and A-level specialist

Ms Leonia Depledge tutors up to A level maths, English and French and up to GCSE double/triple science. She holds the following qualifications:

  • A-levels:  Maths (A) English Literature (A*) French (A*) and Spanish (A*) 

  • GCSEs: All grade 9-7 including 9s in English literature, Spanish, French, biology and physics, 8 in maths and 7 in English Language. 

  • Valid Enhanced DBS certificate (2021) 

  • Specialism: English, Maths and the sciences.


Leonia is a 2021 graduate from Hills Road Sixth Form College with a strong interest in the core subjects and other languages. She incorporates her passion for these subjects, along with a love of teaching, into tutoring. Recognising the importance of engagement when it comes to academic success, she tailors lessons to the individual student through a variety of interactive resources, activities and regular reviewing. This solidifies knowledge and builds student confidence and motivation. Leonia is a patient and hardworking tutor who focuses not only on teaching subject content, but also explores exam practice, revision techniques and adapting to mark scheme requirements. She uses personal experience of the course, her strong academic background and in depth subject knowledge to create lessons that are well-prepared and engaging. Leonia is taking a gap year, throughout which she will continue to tutor, before attending a Russel Group university in September 2022.

GCSE and A-level specialist 

Miss Aru Sinha tutors up to GCSE maths, biology, chemistry and physics. She holds the following qualifications:


  • Degree: Pure Mathematics (Durham University - Present)

  • A-levels: Maths (A*), Further maths (A*), computer science (A*) and economics (A*)

  • GCSEs: 8 grade 9s, including maths, English, physics, biology, and chemistry

  • Valid Enhanced DBS (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths


Aru has been tutoring privately for over two years and specialises in maths. Aru enjoys working with students and ensures that they have a solid foundation of knowledge which can be built upon before exploring different topics. As someone who tries to engage her students as much as possible, Aru plans her lessons in a way that they contain different types and levels of questions. Not only does the practice help solidify students’ understanding, it is a more active form of learning. This makes learning more efficient and effective. For topics that are difficult to grasp, Aru uses real-world examples to illustrate concepts and breaks the topic down into smaller steps. Drawing parallels to the real world make the concepts easier to remember, while breaking ideas down often make them simpler to understand. Having plenty of exam experience herself, Aru teaches plenty of effective revision techniques and exam technique. 

GCSE and A-level specialist

Ms Lyra Whyte tutors maths up to AS level and science up to KS3. She holds the following qualifications:

  • GCSEs range from 9-6, including 9 in maths, 8 in physics and 7s in chemistry and biology and A in further maths

  • A Levels - Maths (A*), history (A) and politics (A).

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths 


Lyra has a real passion for maths and enjoys helping others discover this too. She has experience tutoring family and close friends for their GCSEs and has just finished A-Levels at hills road sixth form college. Lyra thinks it is important to have a firm grasp of the basic principles in order to fully understand more complex concepts in maths and science. She will work closely and carefully to build your confidence and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding in a topic and then help you apply your knowledge to feel comfortable and assured in answering exam questions. She will tailor her tutoring to a style that best suits you and your learning needs. Lyra is taking a gap year to teach herself Russian and Data science and plans to go to a Russel-group university to read PPE in September 2022. She will continue tutoring throughout her gap year and degree.

GCSE and A-level specialist

Mr James Desmet tutors up to A-level maths, biology and chemistry and up to GCSE physics. He holds the following qualifications/certificates:


  • Degree: Chemistry - Imperial University (Present)

  • A-levels: Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*) and Maths (A*)

  • GCSEs: 9 GCSEs A*-C

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics


James has been privately tutoring for the past two years and has a passion for  sciences and maths. He is currently tutoring several GCSE and A-level students.

He enjoys helping young people learn and sharing his knowledge and techniques with others. James is also very good at giving exam advice and study techniques.  

James is studying Chemistry at Imperial University and tutoring alongside his degree. 

GCSE and A-level specialist

Ms. Shakira Tayabali tutors up to A-level psychology, biology and history. She holds the following qualifications/certificates:

  • A levels: Psychology (A*), Biology (A*), History (A)

  • GCSES: 11 A*-A including sciences, maths and further maths

  • Valid Enhanced DBS certificate (2021) 

  • Specialism: Biology and psychology

Shakira is a sixth form graduate who specialises in Psychology, Biology and maths. Shakira has experience tutoring a range of students at different abilities and ages from primary school to A-Level. She believes each student should have a safe, supportive and comfortable environment to learn and thrive in. Each lesson is tailored to her students’ needs in order to maximise their learning experience. Her lessons are structured to support students providing a range of revision and exam resources to enable students to achieve the best of their ability. Shakira places emphasis on exam technique by going over past papers and questions to ensure each student feels confident entering the exam. Shakira is currently taking a gap year and will study psychology at a Russell group university in 2022.

Shakira Image.png
GCSE specialist

Ms Asia Gosieniecka tutors up to GCSE maths and science. She holds the following qualifications:

  • Degree: Meng Molecular Bioengineering – Imperial (2020-present)

  • A-levels: Physics (A*), Maths (A*) Chemistry (A) and English (A*)

  • GCSEs: 100% in Maths and Science

  • Valid Enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths and science

Asia is currently studying Molecular Bioengineering at Imperial College London and finished her first year with 1st class. She is passionate about Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and has been helping students from primary and junior high schools with their maths and science studies. She enjoys transferring her knowledge to others and works through the curriculum in a methodical way, building on the fundamentals which then aids in addressing the more tricky questions.

Joanna Gosieniecka (1).jpg
GCSE and A-level specialist 

Ms Sara Morsi tutors up to GCSE maths and Science and up to primary level English for Cambridge Online Tuition. She holds the following qualifications:

  • Degree: 2.1 (MPharm) Pharmacy – University of Reading (2014-2018)

  • A-levels: Biology (B), Chemistry (B) and English Literature (B)

  • GCSEs: 12A*-B grades

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths, English and Science

20200824_165027 (1).jpg

Having completed a Masters degree in pharmacy, and with A levels in biology, chemistry and English literature, Sara has in-depth knowledge and skills in the core subjects. Sara is passionate about sharing with others through tutoring and takes pride in preparing and delivering interesting and interactive sessions to students of various ages to empower them to learn and achieve their goals. Sara is very understanding that every child learns differently and in order to achieve their full potential, you need to understand how that child learns and in turn, improve their confidence. 

GCSE specialist

Ms Katie Gethings tutors the core primary and secondary school subjects, maths, English and science. She holds the following qualifications:


  • Degree: Psychology – University of sterling (2020-present)

  • A-levels: Psychology (A), Maths (B) and History (B)

  • GCSEs: 11 GCSEs, including A* in History, Biology, physics, 8’s (A*) in Maths, English Literature and Language. A in Chemistry,

  • Valid Enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths, English and science

image0 (2).jpeg

Katie is a psychology student at university with a passion for education and learning. She has a levels in Psychology, Maths and History and utilises her varied skills to confidently cover the core subjects. She has ample experience within the education sector, both as a student and in an educator role, which allows her to make her tutoring materials accessible and engaging to a wide range of students. She is enthusiastic about building tutees confidence and enjoyment in their subjects as these are fundamental to successful learning. Katie understands the importance of spaced revision for long-term learning and aims to incorporate this into her tutoring sessions. She is dedicated to individual development and helping each tutee meet their personal goals. 

GCSE specialist

Mr Luca Crijns tutors up to GCSE, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He holds the following qualifications/certificates:

  • 2018 IGCSE: Maths A* 

  • 2019 AS-level: Maths A

  • 2020 GCSEs: Maths (9), Chemistry (9), Physics (9), Spanish (9), Biology (8), English Language (7), English Literature (6), Geography (7)

  • 2020 City and Guilds Level Tech Award in Digital Technology (Distinction)

  • Enhanced DBS certificate (2021) - Pending

  • Specialism: Maths and Physics

Luca Image.jpg

Luca passed his IGCSE Maths with an A* in year 9. He has been helping his friends study maths and physics since he started secondary school. Luca sat his AS-level two years early and his A-level maths in year 12. He will also sit exams for Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, totalling 4 A-Levels and is expected to get straight A-s for all of them.

Luca is fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch. He enjoys science, football and playing games.

GCSE and A-level specialist

Ms Jada Bellarose Odero tutors English Literature up to A level and English literature and language up to GCSE. She holds the following qualifications:

  • GCSEs – 9 all grade 7 and above

  • A Levels – English (A), history (B) and French (A*).

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: English

20210820_093506 (1).jpg

Jada is currently a second year student at the University of Manchester studying politics and modern history. She studied English at A-level and over the course of her studies, she has acquired several literary techniques which have allowed her to enrich her understanding of a text and its context. She enjoys passing this knowledge on to other students and has been tutoring for roughly two years during her A-levels.

GCSE and A-level specialist

Mr Mahdi Khademi tutors up to AS level maths, biology and chemistry and up to GCSE double/triple chemistry/biology. He holds the following qualifications:

  • Degree: Chemical Engineering (University of Birmingham - Present)

  • A-levels: Biology (A),  Chemistry (A) and Maths (A).

  • GCSEs: A* Chemistry & physics, A Biology & Maths - 10 in total A*-C.

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths & Science


Mahdi enjoys learning about the sciences and maths and using his passion to teach them. He believes learning the theory of the subject is equally as important as doing exam practice and tries to incorporate that within his lessons. He is good at explaining complex concepts and at giving revision techniques. He has mentored A-Level chemistry students in the past and recently started privately tutoring. Madhi plans to study chemical engineering at University in 2021. 

GCSE specialist

Ms Maria Santos-Adeyeye tutors up to GCSE maths and science. She holds the following qualifications:

  • Degree: Bsc (Honors) Biochemistry – Manchester (2020-present)

  • A-levels: Maths (A*) Chemistry (B) and Biology (A)

  • GCSEs: 10 GCSEs including Maths (9), biology (A*), physics (A*) and chemistry (A*).

  • Valid Enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths and science

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 16.58.56.png

Maria is currently studying Biochemistry at University. In her tutoring sessions, she firstly identifies gaps in her students' knowledge and topics that they find particularly challenging, focusing on improving these first so they can feel more confident in the subject. She then goes through plenty of practice questions so they can begin to understand and identify key words and concepts that the mark scheme is looking for and with enough practice these will become a part of their muscle memory. She has always been the person to help a struggling classmate understand a topic and looks forward to being able to do the same for my students