KS1, KS2, SATs/11+ prep and KS3 Specialist

Mrs Marie Shortland is a qualified teacher who specialises in primary school and special educational needs tutoring, including Year 2 and Year 6 SATs prep and the 11+/13+ common entrance exams. She also tutors key stage 3 maths, English and science. 


  • Post Graduate Diploma Education of the Hearing Impaired – Distinction, University of Hertfordshire

  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education – primary age range specialism, University of Hertfordshire

  • BSc Psychology (Zoology subsidiary) – 2.i with honours, University of Hull

  • A Level equivalent – BTEC Level 3 Medical Laboratory Sciences (Distinction), Paddington College

  • 26 years teaching experience across KS1 to KS3 – both private and state schools, including working as a Teacher of the Deaf for 2 years

  • Trained 1-to-1 tutor – three years face to face 1-to-1 tutoring at KS3

  • 11 years private tutoring experience – including 4 years online tutoring

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate 2021

  • Safeguarding and e-learning trained

  • Specialism: KS1 and KS2 English, maths and science; SATs/common entrance exam prep


Having been a dedicated, highly successful teacher in primary schools for 23 years across all year groups and in a wide variety of roles, including curriculum management and leadership, Marie brings a wealth of experience, expertise and skill to all aspects of her tutoring. She assesses students’ needs continuously, plans tailored tutoring programmes for each unique student and delivers interactive, motivating and engaging lessons. She fills ‘gaps’ in both learning and understanding quickly, building a solid foundation, enabling students to move forward confidently with a deeper understanding. Having taught the full current school curriculum, she uses the same strategies children use in school every day, maximising learning. Marie is brilliant at explaining difficult concepts clearly using pictures, video and real life examples. Marie has many years experience preparing children for Statutory Assessments Tests for English, science and maths at ages 7, 11 and 13. She also has some experience preparing children for Common Entrance Tests. Her depth and breadth of experience with Standard Assessment Tests over many years, can be easily applied to Common Entrance since they are very similar in the subject matter and concepts covered, as well as in the way in which they are assessed.

KS2 & KS3 Specialist

Ms Naomi Vince tutors the core primary and secondary school subjects, maths, English and science. She holds the following qualifications:

  • A-levels: Maths, History and Classical Civilisation (Predicted A*)

  • GCSEs: 8 grade 9s, including in maths, English, physics and biology, and 2 grade 8s, including in chemistry. 

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths

Naomi has a passion for studying and utilises this passion to help motivate and encourage learning in others. She understands the importance of learning different methods and strategies for answering questions, as well as tailoring her tutoring to ensure the best understanding of the student. She has experience tutoring many students at KS2 and KS3 level as well as at GCSE level. Naomi is planning to study Law with a focus on International Law at a Russell Group University in September 2021 alongside tutoring. 

KS2 & KS3 Specialist

Ms Sara Morsi tutors the core primary and secondary school subjects, maths, English and science. She holds the following qualifications:

  • Degree: Masters in Pharmacy (MPharm) 2.1 - University of Reading (2018) 

  • A-levels: Biology (B), Chemistry (B) and English Literature (B)

  • GCSEs: 12A*-B grades

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths, English and science

Having completed a Masters degree in pharmacy, and with A levels in biology, chemistry and English literature, Sara has in-depth knowledge and skills in the core subjects. Sara is passionate about sharing with others through tutoring and takes pride in preparing and delivering interesting and interactive sessions to students of various ages to empower them to learn and achieve their goals. Sara is very understanding that every child learns differently and in order to achieve their full potential, you need to understand how that child learns and in turn, improve their confidence. 

20200824_165027 (1).jpg
KS2 & KS3 Specialist

Ms Yasmin Vince tutors the core primary and secondary school subjects, maths, English and science. She holds the following qualifications:

  • A-levels: English Language & Literature (A*), Politics (A*) and History (A)

  • GCSEs: 11 GCSEs, all grades 8-9, including 9s in Maths, English Literature and Chemistry and 8s in English Language, Biology and Physics.

  • Valid Enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: English

Yasmin loves learning and helping others to learn. She understands the importance of making learning enjoyable and uses various techniques to install this in her tutoring sessions. Having experience as both a tutee and a tutor of family and friends, Yasmin is in the best position to tailor her tutoring to the student and ensure the session caters to their academic needs and best method of learning. After completing her A-levels at Hills Road Sixth Form College, Yasmin has begun studying Politics & International Relations at university. Yasmin explains all concepts clearly to the students so they can understand why you may choose a particular method for answering an exam-style question. 

KS2 & KS3 Specialist

Ms Katie Gethings tutors the core primary and secondary school subjects, maths, English and science. She holds the following qualifications:


  • Degree: Psychology – University of sterling (2020-present)

  • A-levels: Psychology (A), Maths (B) and History (B)

  • GCSEs: 11 GCSEs, including A* in History, Biology, physics, 8’s (A*) in Maths, English Literature and Language. A in Chemistry,

  • Valid Enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths, English and science

Sadiya is a business and information technology graduate who achieved the top marks out of all students in her course. She is a hardworking and motivated tutor with her specialisms being in English, maths, and science up to KS3 level. She is always well prepared before every lesson and ensures all resources are engaging and interactive. Her PowerPoints are particularly engaging and allow the student to really get involved and engaged with the topic in question. Sadiya is a good communicator and ensures all students understand the topic by checking throughout the lesson and reviewing after the lesson. She always provides a 10 minutes recap at the beginning of the next lessons to ensure all concepts are solidified. 

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