How does Cambridge Online Tuition work?

Each child is registered to an individual course - Here they can access the relevant documents associated with their course and re-watched them at later date.  The tutor can also upload assignments to their course page and students can download these and complete them for their next session. 

  • A live virtual classroom with an interactive whiteboard - Allows students to draw out their ideas or answers.

  • Tutors and students can be viewed by webcam and heard by microphone - Some children prefer their cameras off and this is fine. Tutors will ALWAYS have theirs on.

  • Live chat dialogue box - to communicate ideas or ask a private question to the tutor.

  • Recorded lessons - for safeguarding purposes and to ensure no information is ever lost.

  • Interactive and fun sessions - Lessons are always made to be interactive so the student is constantly drawing on the board or talking with the tutor. 

  • Compatible with a range of electronic devices - Use the family computer, personal laptops or ipads. All are compatible with our virtual classroom.

  • Tailor to a variety of ages - We can tailor lessons to primary school children through to A-level students and have tutors specialised for different stages. 


Our aim is to build your child's confidence and strengthen their knowledge. Once this happens, results often follow.

Results for KS2 Primary school SAT exams - All of our children got or exceeded a scaled score of 100 (the national average). Some children achieved greater depth scores of 110 and above in 2019. No official exam results in 2020 or 2021 due to covid-19, but we are continuing to help our students with their studies by ensuring they have no gaps in their knowledge or those who may have fallen behind due to school disruptions over 2019/2020. 

Results for GCSE exams - All of our students were happy with their results on GCSE day August 2019. All of them achieved pass grade 4 and above, with some improving by 2 GCSE grades. No official exams were taken in 2020 or 2021 but the students were awarded their predicted grades via teacher lead-assessments. We continue to support the students throughout the covid period and beyond. 

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