Offering a mix of more formal subject lessons, relaxed project and core subject sessions and additional sessions aimed at supporting children to learn to self study and think outside of the box, we have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for lots of activities or a couple of sessions a week we can provide what you are looking for. 

What we offer home educating children and parents that other agencies don’t:

  • Weekly part time timetable with the same tutor for all sessions in Primary giving children a strong and stable long term relationship with their tutor 
  • Tutors that have worked with only home educating families for many years 
  • Experience in creative alternative online education from across Europe 
  • Group session with the same tutor each week and other home educating children across the world 
  • A wide range of sessions that are exciting, engaging and creative on all subjects 
  • Entrepreneur skills and project study sessions 
Please check out the classes and fees link below for session available. 


As home educating parents for over 20 years we know all of the reasons that parents either don’t send their child to school or remove them and decide to home educate. We also have been involved in many home education social groups, organised and structured groups and alternative settings that have allowed us to learn about all of the different styles of education parents are requiring. This gives us insight that other agencies just don’t have!

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