Mrs Ruth Campbell (GCSE specialist)

Mrs Ruth Campbell is a qualified secondary school teacher teaching science in school at KS3 and KS4, and an experienced tutor specialising in maths and science to GCSE level. She holds the following qualifications:


  • PGCE: Secondary Mathematics -University of Leicester (2018)

  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (1995)

  • Degree: B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering (1988)

  • A levels: Maths, Physics and Chemistry

  • O levels: 8 grade A’s including maths, English, physics, chemistry and biology

  • Valid Enhanced DBS (2021)

Ruth has tutored in many subjects privately since school, and more recently has done a maths PGCE. She now teaches science and maths in a small school, while also tutoring privately in maths and science. She appreciates and teaches visual methods of understanding maths, while recognising that everyone is different and students may have different preferences. She tries to work flexibly with the student, finding out how they understand things and starting from that understanding, rather than insisting on a particular method or wording. She encourages questions and follows where students’ interests and questions lead.  Science and maths are big subjects and Ruth learns from her students as well as teaching them, so they are co-explorers of the world.

Since Covid, Ruth has found that students have many small misconceptions and gaps that need to be uncovered and corrected, and that they have missed out on talking about the science they have been taught. So Ruth likes students to explain their understanding, and talk her through their working.

For all students, Ruth focuses them on showing their working clearly when solving problems, so that other people can follow their reasoning. This helps the student keep track of their own process, reduces mistakes, and enables the student to check their working more easily.

At GCSE level Ruth encourages plenty of practice of exam questions, to get used to their wording and learn what sort of answers will get you good marks.