Miss Lyra Whyte (GCSE and A-level specialist)

Miss Lyra Whyte tutors maths up to AS level and science up to KS3. She holds the following qualifications:

  • GCSEs range from 9-6, including 9 in maths, 8 in physics and 7s in chemistry and biology and A in further maths 

  • A Levels - Maths (A*), history (A) and politics (A).

  • Valid enhanced DBS certificate (2021)

  • Specialism: Maths ​

Lyra has a real passion for maths and enjoys helping others discover this too. She has experience tutoring family and close friends for their GCSEs and has just finished A-Levels at hills road sixth form college. Lyra thinks it is important to have a firm grasp of the basic principles in order to fully understand more complex concepts in maths and science. She will work closely and carefully to build your confidence and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding in a topic and then help you apply your knowledge to feel comfortable and assured in answering exam questions. She will tailor her tutoring to a style that best suits you and your learning needs. Lyra is taking a gap year to teach herself Russian and Data science and plans to go to a Russel-group university to read PPE in September 2022. She will continue tutoring throughout her gap year and degree.