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Dr Laura Brown tutors maths, biology and chemistry up to GCSE and holds the following qualifications/certificates:


  • A-levels: Biology, Chemistry and Psychology (2007)

  • Bsc Biological Sciences (2010) - First Class with Honours Degree ,University of Leicester.

  • PhD in Neuroscience (2016) - University College London.

  • Four years private tutoring experience - face-to-face, online and within schools. 

  • Valid DBS certificate (2019,2020)

  • Basic safeguarding and prevent training course (2019)

  • Strong scientific biological background - Laura has worked in a scientific and engineering technology company                                            and tailors the science contents she teaches to many of her own experiences in the lab.


  • Every child matters and is unique - Laura understands that not everyone is a natural learner and that everyone learns at different paces, and from her own experience of learning, has worked exceptionally hard to achieve the position of where she is today. 

  • Concepts explained from beginning to end - Laura and the other tutors often use interactive learning approaches to solidify concepts. In teaching, they very often avoid using large blocks of texts, rather diagrams and visual clips to help portray key concepts. They believe it is fundamental that foundation concepts are well understood before moving onto more complex concepts. 

  • Learning should be fun and interactive - Laura truly believes every child has the ability to achieve their fullest potential, given they are understood and learn in the correct environment. Learning should not be a chore, but enjoyable and interesting. Laura aims to strengthen confidence which often leads to more productive learning. 

Miss Shamaila Hussain tutors up to A-level maths and triple science (biology, chemistry and physics) and up to key stage 3 (Year 8) English. She holds the following qualifications/certificates:


  • A-levels: Biology (A), Chemistry (A*) and Maths (A*), Physics (A), further maths (B). 

  • GCSEs: 9As and 1 A*

  • Valid DBS certificate (2020

  • Specialism: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Shamaila is a computer science graduate. She studied biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and further mathematics at A level. She has been tutoring for over 5 years and specialises in tutoring English (up to KS3), mathematics (up to A level), chemistry (up to A level), physics (up to A level), biology (up to A level) and computer science/programming (up to degree level). Shamaila tutors a wide range of children from primary, secondary and A-level. She is very good at communicating with all ages and presenting information at the appropriate level. She builds up from foundations, is patient and methodical in her approach.  

Ms. GeorgieRobertson tutors up to A-level Maths and Chemistry and up to GCSE maths and triple science (biology, chemistry and physics) She holds the following qualifications/certificates:


  • 2i Msc in Material Sciences

  • A-levels: Chemistry (A*) and Maths (A*), Physics (A*), Philosophy (A).

  • GCSEs: A* Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Religious Studies, Design & Technology, French, English Literature, Latin. A in English Language and Additional Maths. 

  • Valid DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Georgie enjoys helping her students discover a passion for their scientific studies. With modules in Chemistry, Maths and Physics in her undergraduate degree, she has a practical and interdisciplinary approach to making sure the curriculum is well understood.  She 

Georgie is currently completing a PhD in Materials Science. 

Mr James Desmet tutors up to A-level maths, biology and chemistry and up to GCSE maths, biology, chemistry and physics. He holds the following qualifications/certificates:


  • A-levels: Biology, Chemistry and Maths (Predicted A* based on obtaining this for AS level) 

  • GCSEs: 9 GCSEs A*-C

  • Valid DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths and Chemistry

James has been privately tutoring for the past two years and has a passion for  sciences and maths.

He enjoys helping young people learn and sharing his knowledge and techniques with others. James is also very good at giving exam advice and study techniques.  

James is set to study a Chemistry at University Imperial in October 2020, but plans to continue tutoring

alongside his degree. 

Mr Oliver Brown tutors up to AS level maths and physics and up to GCSE maths, biology, physics and chemistry & Key stage three maths and science for Cambridge Online Tuition. He holds the following qualifications:

  • A-levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics and History. (Predicted A*).

  • GCSEs: 6 grade 9s in English, Maths and Triple Science, 2 grade 8s and 2 grade 7s. 

  • Valid DBS certificate (2020)

  • Specialism: Maths and Physics 

Oliver has been tutoring face to face in his spare time whilst studying for his A-levels. In particular, he has a lot of experience with KS3 and GCSE. Oliver enjoys seeing students learn, especially in subjects he had a real passion for and has a great ability to motivate students, seeing them through any frustrations they may be having. Like Dr Brown, Oliver ensures he explains concepts from the beginning and believes laying the foundations is essential before building on the more challenging concepts. He is in the process of completing his A-level at Hill road sixth form college and so is up to date with current UK maths and science syllabus. In the future, Oliver is planning on applying for maths at a top university in the UK. In his spare time, Oliver enjoys playing drums in two bands, the Karma Violets and Influx of Insanity which makes for a nice break from his academic life. 

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