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Why choose Cambridge Online Tuition?
  • More flexibility – Your child can study in the comfort of their own home, increasing productivity. 

  • Greater efficiency – There is no need for anyone to travel, which can lead to delays.

  • Cheaper – Online tuition is often more economic than face-to-face.

  • Technological benefits – The internet allows videos/additional information to be shared with the students. 

  • Encourages independent learning and initiative - Students often given given short independent learning. 

  • Improves technical skills - In PowerPoint, Word, creating tables and graphs online. 

  • Recorded lessons - all information is captured with online lessons. Students can re-watch the lesson and add to their notes in their own time away from the classroom.

  • Less pressure - Some children feel awkward around tutors face-to-face and online tuition gives more space and freedom to think.

How does Cambridge Online Tuition work? 
  • A live virtual classroom with an interactive whiteboard - Allows students to draw out their ideas or answers.

  • Dr Brown viewed by webcam and heard by microphone - No student is ever seen only heard by microphone (if they chose) but use the live chat dialogue box to communicate their ideas or ask a private question to Laura.

  • Recorded lessons - For safety purposes. Recordings can be downloaded, and used as a valuable learning resource when it comes to revision.

  • Shortly weekly homework assignments - discussed in the following lesson 

  • Parental feedback - Every other week via email.

  • Small class sizes - Less than 5​

  • Interactive sessionsLaura is constantly interacting for the duration of the session, ensuring each pupil is engaged in the session and interacting. No student is left behind.


"Laura is a fantastic tutor and really helped my daughter with he GCSE science exams. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of having a tutor."

"We can't recommend Laura enough! She has been tutoring my son Finley for about a year. He was really struggling in Maths and Science due to high numbers in his class and lack of individual time. He is now feeling more confident and already achieving a C grade at GCSE level on his end of year 9 mocks with two whole academic years to go before the real thing."

"Laura is a great tutor. She helped to give my daughter the confidence and knowledge she needed to help with her GCSEs."

— Claire H, 2019

— Michelle D, 2019

— Joanne C, 2019

"More than 1 in 4 young people in England and Wales have said they have used private tuition "

The Independent, July 2018

"Almost half the secondary school students have been helped by a tutor, the highest rate in the country, in what has been described as an 'educational arms race'”.

The Independent, July 2018

"The most common reason given for receiving private tuition is ‘help with school work in general’ at 44%. One in three (38%) say that it is to help with specific GCSEs, and there has been a significant rise this year in the number of those who mention a school entrance exam (28% up from 18%)"

The Sutton Trust, 2017

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