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Why choose Cambridge Online Tuition?
Do conventional teaching styles suit your child? Has your child been left behind at school with growing classroom sizes? Maybe your child isn't being challenged enough and fulfilling their potential?
Dr Laura Brown understands that all children are unique, some are not natural learners and it is the way we teach our children and convey this information that determines whether our children understand and learn. Therefore, at Cambridge Online Tuition we tailor tuition to your child's individual needs to strengthen your child's subject comprehension, boost their confidence and build important learning skills. 
  • Enjoyment - Our parents tell us their child enjoys the online lessons, they get that 1:1 attention they don't get in school, build an academic repour and strive in the virtual classroom. The children and tutors bounce ideas of each other and lessons at Cambridge Online Tuition are fun and interactive. See our testimonials for yourself!

  • Tailored tuition - whether your child wants help on specific parts of their course, exam technique or general recapping of the syllabus, we work with you to ensure you get what you need from the tuition. 

  • Recorded lessons - No information is forgotten. Students & parents can download and re-watch the lesson and students can add important information to their notes in their own time away from the classroom|. 

  • Revision material provided - Students can download the lessons academic presentations and recordings in their own time and read/watch them over and over again. These documents are invaluable when it comes to revising. 

  • More flexibility – Your child can study in the comfort of their own home, increasing productivity.

  • Greater efficiency – There is no need for anyone to travel.

  • Technological benefits – The internet allows videos/additional information to be shared with the students. All academic content the tutors present can be downloaded by students and watched over and over again.​

  • Improves technical skills - Microsoft skills (e.g. PowerPoint & Word), creating tables/graphs etc set your child up for a future that will always use technology. 

  • Less pressureSome children feel awkward around tutors face-to-face and online tuition gives more space and freedom to think.

  • Fantastic add-on's in the tuition packages discounted 1:1 tutoring during the half terms, family packages, unlimited email contact.

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